Modern Dog winter 2019/2020

Modern Dog

Title: Modern Dog Country: Canada Frequency: Quarterly Price: 16 USD for 1 year subscription (4 issues) Current Issue: Dec 2019 – Feb 2020 Synopsis: The Modern Dog magazine is published every quarter, in spring, summer, fall, and winter. Regular features in the magazine include health and wellness-focused articles, breed profiles, photo contests, behaviour and training, […]

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Wag Pet Boutique 2019

Wag Pet Boutique

Title: Wag Pet Boutique Country: The United States of America Frequency: Monthly Price: Online blog is free of charge Current Issue: Dec 2019 Synopsis: Wag Pet Boutique blog features articles on dog and cat breed profiles, dog and cat training, tips on keeping pets of all kinds. It also has a huge fun section with […]

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Pet Owner's World Magazine Fall/Winter 2019 issue cover

Pet Owner’s World

Title: Pet Owner’s World Country: The United States of America Frequency: Biannual Price: digital magazine is free of charge Current Issue: Fall/Winter 2019 Synopsis: Pet Sitters International (PSI) issues the semi-annual magazine digital magazine to educate pet parents and share information they need to keep their pets happy, healthy and safe. The magazine also highlights the […]

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Pets mag march 2019 issue cover

Pets Magazine

Title: Pets MagazineCountry: The United KingdomFrequency: MonthlyPrice: digital issues are free of chargeCurrent Issue: March 2019 Synopsis: Pets Magazine is a leading pet and pet owner lifestyle magazine, which is featured in the Top 10 UK Pet Blogs. The magazine fills a niche for a dog, cat and small pets magazine that is not just […]

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Futurarc Jan-Feb 2017 cover


In 2006, BCI Asia started FuturArc Journal to advocate for architecture that demonstrates social responsibility and sustainability, as well as to generate discourse to heighten awareness among its research partners and clients.

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Clubpets Dec 2016 - Mar-2017 cover


Published every quarter, in March, June, September and December, clubpets has a circulation of 12,000 and enjoys a loyal and constantly growing readership and subscriber base. With three specialised sections – The Kennel, Scratching Post and Lil’ Burrows, pets ranging from dogs to cats and other littler critters each have a distinct focus.

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Questionnaire Intelligence: New Rules Of Engagement For Online Survey Design

Liz McMahon and Rebecca Stamp, Kantar Media Worldwide Readership Research Symposium Valencia 2009 Session 6.5 Introduction In the world of commercial market research, online data collection has grown rapidly in the last decade to become the preferred option in many markets. However, for good reason, print audience measurement has been slower to follow. Few markets […]

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Online Interviewing Through Access Panel: Quantity And Quality Assurance

Dr. Irena Petric, NOM Marion Appel, Intomart GfK Prof dr Edith de Leeuw, Utrecht University Worldwide Readership Research Symposium Valencia 2009 Session 6.4 Introduction Using on-line interviewing in access panels for media research has been a reality for the Dutch national readership survey since 2002. The quantity aspect is evident. The quality of such an […]

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Sample Surveys Based On Internet Panels: 8 Years Of Learning

Dr Julian Baim, Dr Michal Galin, Dr Martin Frankel, Risa Becker, Joe Agresti Mediamark Research & Intelligence Worldwide Readership Research Symposium Valencia 2009 Session 6.2 Using convenience, opt-in Internet panels as sampling frames has become virtually commonplace in today’s survey research world. The movement towards Web-based convenience panels is inevitable, given the relatively low cost […]

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In Search Of Readers: A Brave New World For Researchers

Anne Crassweller, Judy Rogers and Don Williams, NADBank Worldwide Readership Research Symposium Valencia 2009 Session 6.1 Setting the Stage Online panels are becoming the standard choice for researchers today. The temptation to use them is overwhelming as they are a less expensive alternative to traditional telephone and face-to-face research and the results are available sooner. […]

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