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Rolf Speetzen

The sponsors wish to thank Steve Douglas in the USA who assisted in coordinating the event.

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Timetable Overview

Saturday 6 November 1999

Welcome reception will be held in the Salla delle Feste at The Grand Hotel from 19.30 to 21.00

Sunday 7 November 1999

Opening session: 09.00 to 09.30
Morning session: 09.30 to 13.00
Lunch: 13.00
Afternoon session: 15.00 to 17.15

Accompanying persons’ get-together in the Sottobar in the Excelsior Hotel at 11.30.

Evening: 18.30
Cocktail party in the Excelsior Hotel, sponsored by the following German and Swiss organisations:

Axel Springer Verlag AG
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Infratest Burke Kommunikationsforschung
Gruner + Jahr AG
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Monday 8 November 1999

Morning session: 09.30 to 12.55
Lunch: 12.55
Afternoon session: 14.30 to 17.15

Evening: 18.30 – 20.30
Cocktail party at La Limonaia Di Piazza Del Carmine, sponsored by the following US organisations:

Audits & Surveys Worldwide
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The Willard & Shullman Group
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Tuesday 9 November 1999

Free day

Coaches for the day tour will leave from Piazza Ognissanti at about 09.00.

Wednesday 10 November 1999

Morning session: 09.30 – 12.30 Lunch: 12.30
Afternoon session: 14.00 – 17.45

Thursday 11 November 1999

Morning session: 09.00 – 12.30
Lunch: 12.30
Afternoon session: 13.30 – 15.30
Closing ceremony: 15.30 – 15.45

Evening: Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony at Villa Medicea “La Ferdinanda”, Artimino. Coaches will depart at 18.30 from Piazza Ognissanti. Coaches will return from Artimino commencing at 23.00.

All Symposium sessions will be held in The Grand Hotel. Please enter the Winter Garden via the Foyer Montebello, using the entrance on Montebello Street.

Breakfast: for delegates taking the Symposium Package only, breakfast should be taken in the hotel you are staying. For those staying in the Grand Hotel, Piazza Ognissanti, breakfast is by voucher only.

Symposium lunch for delegates will be served in the Excelsior Hotel.

Will take place in Montebello 1 in the Grand Hotel.
On Saturday 6 November from 10.30 to 12.00 and
16.30 to 19.00, and also on Sunday 7 November from 07.30 to 08.30. Please enter the hotel by the entrance on Montebello Street

Secretariat Office
The Secretariat Office will be located in Montebello 1, just off the Foyer Montebello. Please enter the hotel by the entrance on Montebello Street. It will be open on Saturday 6 November for registration and enquiries from 10.30 to 12.00 and 16.30 to 19.00. It will also be open for the half hour before the morning sessions start and during all the official coffee and tea breaks.

Sunday 7 November, 1999

  1. When Worlds Collide Will Print Measurement Measure Up

09.00 Sponsors’ Welcome
Dawn Mitchell and Richard Silman

  1. Where Are We Coming From?

09.30 Effective print media measurement: audiences … and more
Michael Brown reviews his book

09.50 What’s New in Readership Research
Erhard Meier
Ipsos-RSL Ltd

10.30 Refreshment Break

  1. Enhancing Our Readership Methods
    Problems revisited

11.00 Chairman: John Bermingham

11.10 Dear Lord, Give Us This Day Our Daily News…Effects of Retail Distribution on Readership in Rural India
Katy Merchant and Ramesh Thadani
(Presented by Bruce Gonsalves)
Indian Market Research Bureau

11.25 Inconsistent Readership Claims – A British Case Study
Erhard Meier
Ipsos-RSL Ltd

11.40 The dependence of “recent reading” estimates on question structure: a cognitive analysis
Michael Brown

11.55 Sections are sexier
Fred Bronner
John Faasse
Initiative Media

12.10 Recent reading – an exercise in double-counting?
Ron Carpenter
Consultant to Trinity Mirror

12.25 Discussion

13.00 Lunch

  1. The Response Rate Challenge

15.00 Chairman: Martin Frankel

15.10 Ways to increase mail survey response rates: an update – based on over 20 years of practical and experimental experience
Walter McCullough
Mendelsohn Media Research

15.25 Increasing the length of assignment – the effect on NRS Response Rates
Richard Eldershaw
Ipsos-RSL Media

15.40 Can we balance intrusiveness with the needs of Readership Measurement?
Ivor Wm. Thompson
Thompson Lighthouse & Co.

15.55 Refreshment Break

16.25 In search of a respondent
Shiloo Chattopadhyay and Ashok Sethi
TNS Mode

16.40 Managing non-response: who really matters?
Katherine Page
Ipsos-RSL Media

16.55 Short Discussion

17.15 Close

Monday 8 November, 1999

  1. The Response Rate Challenge (cont’d)

09.30 Chairman: Martin Frankel

09.35 Can’t buy me love, but how about response? An analysis of response rates from the European Business Readership Survey
Faye Gorczyca
The Financial Times
Hilary Birt and Simon McDonald
Ipsos-RSL Media

09.50 Everyone is watching you do it! Auditing and examining magazine research as executed in the United States. A summary for combined ABC/MRC papers
Dan Julevich
Ernst & Young
Jayne Spittler
Starcom Worldwide

10.10 How LOW can response rates go?
Stephen Douglas
The Douglas Jones Group
David Napior
Roper Starch Worldwide

10.25 Using database overlays to correct survey non- response bias
Val Appel
Virginia Cable and Dan Jennings
The Wall Street Journal

10.40 Discussion

11.15 Refreshment Break

  1. Enhancing Our Readership Methods
    New approaches

11.45 Chairman: Rolf Speetzen

11.55 The quality of reading survey – an instrument for change
Guy Consterdine, Guy Consterdine Associates
Lynne Robinson, IPA
Hilary Birt, Ipsos-RSL Media

12.10 Research strategies in fragmented media markets
Dieter Reigber
Axel Springer Verlag AG
Michael Spohrer
GfK AG Medienforschung

12.25 The CAPI double screen questionnaire in the French NRS: From clay model to practice
Elisabeth De Langhe and Olivier Le Van Truoc
Ipsos Médias

12.40 The New Magazine Press Readership Survey in France – Preliminary Results
Jean-Louis Marx

12.55 Lunch

14.30 What’s new, Pussycat? CATI, CAPI and CASI: or what else?
Bart Soels
Costa Tchaoussoglou

14.45 The New Swiss National Readership Survey “MACH Basic”
Harald Amschler

15.00 Audipress 2000 – The new deal of the Italian Readership Survey
Dino Bichisao

15.15 The Interval Method – a suggested platform for meeting future challenges
Peter Walsh

15.30 Refreshment Break

16.00 The ideal readership survey
Neil Shepherd-Smith
Media Research Consultant

16.15 The choice of readership model: now and in the future
Donald Monk

16.30 Discussion

17.15 Close

Wednesday 10 November

  1. Refining Our Models

09.30 Chairman: Gilles Santini

09.40 An Examination of Differential Weighting of Successive Waves of Magazine Readership Estimates
Stuart Gray
Julian Baim and Martin Frankel
Mediamark Research Inc.

09.55 Magazine Audience Accumulation: Basic modeling issues
Martin Frankel, Julian Baim, Joseph Agresti
Mediamark Research Inc.

10.10 Automatic segmentation for Reach/Frequency estimation of newspaper sections and Internet papers
Kristian Arnaa
Taylor Nelson Sofres/Gallup
Peter Mortensen
The Aarhus School of Business

10.25 Divide and Unite: Splitting the SummoScanner and data fusion
Wim van der Noort
Interview NSS
Costa Tchaoussoglou

10.40 Refreshment Break

11.10 Modelling audience data for newspapers local editions media-planning Gilles Santini IMS/IPSOS

11.25 How the results of micro-marketing campaigns of a newspaper could be linked to the socio-economical local realities
Maria Silvia Farina

11.40 Print and multi-media optimization: An evolutionary approach
James Collins
Scarborough Research
Steve Harris
BMRB International

11.55 Discussion

12.30 Lunch

  1. Print: Exploiting The Competitive Advantage

14.00 Chairman: Andrew Green

14.10 Weekly Magazine Audience Data what’s to be done with them?
Helen Johnston
Grey Advertising Inc.

14.25 Magazines deserve time – the build up of magazine audiences over time
Véronique Debeer, Stef Peeters & Trui Lanckriet

14.40 Magazine Audience Accumulation: Development of a measurement system and initial results
Julian Baim, Martin Frankel, Joseph Agresti
Mediamark Research Inc.

14.55 Assessing creative wearout in magazine advertising – validating UK findings on wear out based on US data
Barbara Zack
Doug Scott
Millward Brown

15.10 The development and use of the Condé Nast Preferred Subscriber Network
Isobel Osius
Condé Nast Publications
Robert Shullman and Adam Richard
The Willard & Shullman Group

15.25 Refreshment Break

15.55 Building a better starter kit of planning knowledge from campaign effectiveness research
Alan Smith

16.10 Multiple Studies in Advertising Effectiveness
Tom Robinson and Christine Miller
Magazine Publishers of America
Rebecca McPheters
McPheters & Company

16.25 The Medium and the Message – A comparative survey of print and TV copy testing practices among major advertisers and agencies
Erwin Ephron
The Ephron Consultancy
Barbara Zack
G + J, USA

16.40 “Friend or Foe” – The role of databases in media research
Andy Brown
BMRB International
Paul Donato
Kantar Media Research

16.55 When late left beats early rightv Tim Foley
Steve Garton
AC Nielsen

17.10 Discussion

17.45 Close

Thursday 11 November

  1. 2020 Vision – Who Will Be Reading?

09.00 Chairman: Costa Tchaoussoglou

09.10 “Aliteracy”: A threat to Print Media –
Clive Corder
University of the Witwatersrand
(Presented by Paul Haupt, SAARF)

09.25 Will tomorrow’s adult reject traditional print media altogether?
Denise Gardiner

09.40 Hearts and Minds – Managing a Newspaper Brand in the Digital Age
Anita Hague
The Financial Times
Richard Asquith
BMRB International

09.55 Discussion

10.30 Refreshment Break

  1. Web Measurement And Marketing

11.00 Chairman: Steve Douglas

11.10 Evolving models of online audience measurement: developments since Vancouver
Scott McDonald
Time Warner Inc.

11.25 Who was there? How many people have been there? A new approach of measuring the reach of and user structure of websites.
Rolf Pfleiderer
Infratest Burke InCom

11.40 Measuring print audiences via the Internet
Valentine Appel
Andrew Elder and Tony Incalcatera

11.55 Discussion

12.30 Lunch

  1. Web And Print: Synergy Or Cannibalisation?

13.30 Chairman: Scott McDonald

13.40 The case of the disappearing reader – print in the new media space
Tonya Deniz and Kate Lynch
Starcom Worldwide

13.55 Print in the Digital Age: Is Newspaper Readership On the Line?
Liz McMahon
BMRB International

14.10 The Digital Revolution – Will it lead to the ultimate demise of newspapers?
Sheila Byfield
MindShare Worldwide
Helen Harrison
Helen Harrison & Co. Ltd

14.25 Online Advertising Media in a Market and Multimedia Study: Measurement Methods and Findings on the Interaction between Print and Online Consumption
Johannes Schneller
Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach

14.40 Trends in time-budgets for print and on-line media
Jane Bailey
Time Inc.
David Napior
Roper Starch Worldwide

14.55 Discussion

  1. Closing session

15.30 The Sponsors and Programme Chairman

15.45 Close

18.30 Coaches depart from Piazza Ognissanti for the Gala Dinner at Villa Medicea “La Ferdinanda”, Artimino

19.15 Reception and Awards Ceremony

20.15 Gala Dinner