Actual Programme


Saturday 25 October 2003
16.00-18.30: Registration held in the Compton Room on the 3rd floor of the Charles Hotel.

Sunday 26 October 2003
16.00-18.30: Registration held in the Compton Room on the 3rd floor of the Charles Hotel.

10.30-11.45: Welcome Brunch in the Charles Pavilion on the street level of the Charles Pavilion.

From 10.30: Accompanying Persons’ Brunch get-together in the Charles Pavilion.

12.00 noon: Working Session begins – Charles Ballroom, 3rd Floor.

18.30: Welcome to USA Reception
Get-together drinks in the Regattabar, 3rd Floor Charles Hotel.

Monday 27 October 2003
Morning Session: 08.00-13.05
Lunch: 13.05-14.15
Afternoon Session: 14.15-16.40

Tuesday 28 October 2003
Morning Session: 08.00-12.25
Lunch and afternoon: Free
Evening: 19.00 for 19.45
The Gala Dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club, 20 Quincy Street, Cambridge.

Wednesday 29 October 2003
Morning Session: 08.00-12.50
Lunch: 12.50-14.00
Afternoon Session: 14.00-16.45

Get-together drinks sponsored by:

  • Audit Bureau of Circulations
  • Erdos & Morgan/Beta Research
  • IMS Media Solutions
  • D. Power
  • Kantar USA
  • Mendelsohn Media Research
  • MRI Mediamark Research Inc.
  • an NOP World Company
  • Millward Brown IntelliQuest
  • Scarborough Research
  • Telmar Group

Sunday 26 October

12.00  President and Sponsors’ Welcome
Dawn Mitchell, Andy Brown and Richard Silman

12.20  What’s Happening Where?
Erhard Meier

13.05  The Business of Media Research
Larry Gold, Inside Research

13.20  Love a Mystery: The Future of Print and Media Planning
Erwin Ephron, Ephron, Papazian and Ephron Inc.

13.40  Coffee break

14.00  1. Advertising Effects
Chairman: Andrew Green

14.10  Connecting Print with Advertising Tracking
Geoff Wicken, BMRB International and Graham Page, Millward Brown UK

14.25  In the Calm Lies the Power – Advertising Effectiveness on Sunday
Rolf Pfleiderer, NFO Infratest and Michael Braun, Axel Springer Verlag AG

14.40  Pressedge – Optimising Ad Positioning in Print Media – Revised
Uwe Czaia, Czaia Marktforschung GmbH

14.55  Now you see me, now you don’t! Does Ad Positioning Matter?
Richard Fielding and Judy Bahary, Starcom Worldwide

15.10  The Fastest Draw in the West: TV or Print Advertising?
Beth Uyenco, OMD USA and Doug Hughes, DDB Matrix

15.25  Discussion

15.55  Coffee Break

16.15  2. Multi-Media
Chairman: Susan Nathan

16.25  Ad Proof1: Advertising Effectiveness of Car Campaigns
Sven Dierks, Spiegel Verlag and Rolf Pfleiderer, NFO Infratest

16.40  The Netherlands Live With Water – Exciting, Efficient, Effective Research
Fred Bronner, Veldkamp/University of Amsterdam, Wim van der Noort, RVD, Raymond Ross, NIPO, and Costa Tchaoussoglou, NOM

16.55  Modelling in a Multi-Media Environment
Peter Masson and Paul Sumner, Bucknull & Masson

17.10  Single Source – Investigating Category Behaviour via Media Mix Driven Processes
Praveen Tripathi, Zenith Media, Oliver Rust and Fanny Chan, AC Nielsen

17.25  Print + TV = (Impact)n – The Impact Multiplier Phenomenon
Hemant Mehta, Bruce Gonsalves, Bharat Kapadia, Shripad Kulkarni, Sandipan Sen, IMRB

17.40-18.10  Discussion

Monday 27 October

08.00  3. Methodological Issues (1)
Chairman: John Bermingham

08.10  What Do We Measure? Four Short Puzzling Stories
Jean-Louis Marx, AEPM

08.25  The Virtual Interviewer
Fred Bronner, Veldkamp/University of Amsterdam, Raymond Ross, NIPO and Costa Tchaoussoglou, NOM

08.40  Measurement of Magazine Readership via the Internet
Marty Frankel, Julian Baim, Michael Galin, Michelle Leonard, MRI

08.55  CAPI: New Methodology, New Data for the British NRS
Katherine Page and Dawn Collis, Ipsos-RSL

09.10  Restoring Credibility to Sunday Magazines Measurement in the US Julian Baim, MRI and Rebecca McPheters, McPheters & Co.

09.25  Community Newspapers – ComBase™
Raj Matuk, Martiz:Thompson Lightstone and Elena Dunn, ComBase

09.40  Telephone Samples: The Exclusive Mobile Challenge
Matthias Gitschel and Olivier Lê van Truoc, Ipsos Médias

09.55  Discussion

10.25  Coffee Break

10.55  3. Methodological Issues (2)
Chairman: Costa Tchaoussoglou

11.05  Revisiting Media Planning Models Assumptions
Gilles Santini, GS IT Services

11.20  Back to the Future: Disproportional Sample Ascription
Maria Silvia Farina, Alís S.r.l.

11.35  Imputation of Missing Data: Testing a Model-based Approach
Eric Melton, Millward Brown IntelliQuest and Valentine Appel, Consultant

11.50  Determining the Readership of Low Penetration Magazines
Neil Shepherd-Smith, Media Consultant

12.05  Readership, a Favour to Magazines: Sales Optimization
Elisabeth de Langhe, Ipsos Médias and Antoine Moreau, Ipsos-Novaction

12.20  Readership Research in Greece: a New Perspective
Xenia Kourtoglou, Focus SA

12.35  Discussion

13.05  Coffee Break

14.15  The Complete Symposia Papers 1981-2001 – CD Launch
Richard Silman

14.30  4. Quality Of Reading (1)
Chairman: Flávio Ferrari

14.40  ‘Absorbing Media’ and ‘Media-DNA’: Consumer-Centric Approaches
Guy Consterdine, Guy Consterdine Associates and Christina Hartley, IPC Media

14.55  If They Need It, They’ll Read It: Understanding Readers’ Needs
Sheila Berry, Newspaper Advertising Bureau, Carin Hercock, The New Zealand Herald, Louise Beard, Fast Forward Future Marketing

15.10  The ‘Time Sequence of Events’: Consumers’ Lives and Media Analysis Cynthia Evans, mediaedge:cia

15.25  Coffee Break

15.55  MRI’s Qualitative Measures
Ted D’Amico, MRI

16.10-16.40  Discussion

Tuesday 28 October

08.00  4. Quality of Reading (2)
Chairman: Andy Brown

08.10  Conceptualizing and Measuring Magazine Reader Experiences
Wayne Eadie, Magazine Publishers of America, Edward C. Malthouse and Bobby J. Calder, Northwestern University

08.25  The Power of Passion – New Insights into Reader Involvement
Bruce Gonsalves, Hemant Mehta, V. Balasubramanium, and Sunder Muthuraman, IMRB

08.40  How Do People Read Newspapers? Izabella Anuszewska, SMG/KRC Poland Media

08.55  What Drives Readership? The Mexican Experience
Carlos de Zúñiga and Alicia de la Macorra, Ipsos-Bimsa

09.10  To Create Page Traffic – The Publisher’s Responsibility
Peter Callius and Morgan Sandström, Research International

09.25  Reader Involvement: Who? What? Where? Britta Ware, Reader’s Digest and Knowledge Networks

09.40  Discussion

10.10  Coffee Break

10.30  5. Internet Effects
Chairman: Richard Silman

10.40  Media Brands: How Much Stronger Thanks to Their Internet Presence?
Johannes Schneller and Jochen Hansen, Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach

10.55  How Question Wording Impacts Newspapers Estimates: Traditional vs. Online
Gregg Lindner and Jane Traub, Scarborough Research

11.10  The Impact of Online Reading on Traditional Print Media Estimates
Virginia Cable, Gennaro Nunziato, The Wall Street Journal and Valentine Appel, Consultant

11.25  Hardcopy and Internet Newspapers: Complements or Substitutes?
James Collins, Scarborough Research and Matthew Aaron Gentzkow, Harvard University

11.40  Reading: Looking Into … Logging Onto
Michele Levine, Gary Morgan, Nicola Hepenstall, William Burlace and Marcus Tarrant, Roy Morgan International

11.55-12.25  Discussion

 Afternoon Free

19.00  Gala Dinner Harvard Faculty Club 20 Quincy Street

Wednesday 29 October

08.00  6. Fusion
Chairman: Dick Dodson

08.10  Building a Panel from a Recent Reading Database Through Fusion
Flávio Ferrari and Alexandre Crivellaro, IBOPE

08.25  Foundations of Split-Sample Foldover Tests
Michelle de Montigny and Roland Soong, Kantar Media Research

08.40  Data Integration: Validating Telmar’s Multibasing Technique
Barbara Zack, PHD USA and Peter Walsh, Telmar Group Inc.

08.55  Fusion-on-the-Fly for Multimedia Applications
Michelle de Montigny and Roland Soong, Kantar Media Research

09.10  Print Optimization: A Practical Approach
Shinichiro Okauchi, Dentsu

09.25  Discussion

09.55  Coffee Break

10.25  7. Air Alternatives
Chairman: Kate Lynch

10.50  Selling Print Short: The Need to Re-assess Reading and Readership
Brian Shields, International Herald Tribune

11.05  Accounting For What We Are Doing: Recent Reading Revisited
Andraz Zorko, CATI

11.20  Pure Recent Reading: Methodological Experiences and Further Development
Knut-Arne Futsæter and Tore Østnes,
TNS Norsk Gallup

11.35  What the World Needs Now
John Faasse, Kobalt BV Media Services and Leendert van Meerem, Intomart BV

11.50  Print in a True Single Source Marketing Panel
Leslie Wood, Leslie Wood Research Inc.

12.05  Readers-Per-Copy: Understanding and Driving Reader Choice
Michele Levine, Gary Morgan and Marcus Tarrant, Roy Morgan International

12.20  Discussion

12.50  Lunch

14.00  8. New Approaches
Chairman: Cynthia Evans

14.10  Urban Life: Research Adventures in a Changing World
Liz McMahon, BMRB International and Doug Read, Metro Newspapers

14.25  Exploring the Link Between Personality Type and Media Choice
Theresa LaMontagne, OMD

14.40  Audience: The Appropriate Measure of Circulation Quality
Rebecca McPheters, McPheters & Co. and Scott McDonald, Condé Nast Publications

14.55  Discussion

15.25  Coffee Break

15.45  9. Summing-Up
Chairman: Dawn Mitchell
Panel: Erhard Meier, Richard Silman and Andy Brown

16.10-16.45  Prize Giving and Looking Forward to next time.