Conditions of Booking

10th worldwide readership research symposium

The Westin Excelsior Hotel, Venice Lido, Italy 21-26 October, 2001

1. Ipsos-RSL Ltd and BMRB International Ltd, (The Agents), act solely in the capacity of Agent and not as Principal when making arrangements for transportation and accommodation. All tickets and arrangements made by The Agents for transport and/or accommodation are made upon the express condition that they will not be liable for damage, loss, injury, accident, delay or irregularity which occurs by reason of any act or default committed by any other person or Company in carrying out the transport and/or accommodation arrangements.

2. The Agents accept no responsibility for loss, inconvenience or additional expenses incurred due to delays or changes in transportation, accommodation or other services arising out of war, threat of war, weather, industrial action or any other event outside their control. If any such event shall occur and consequently the arrangements for the accommodation have to be materially modified or cancelled, the Agents will use their best endeavours to make acceptable alternative arrangements and/or obtain a refund of any sum already paid, but they can accept no further liability in respect of any cancellation or modification of the arrangements.

3. Providing space is available, a delegate may reserve a place at the Symposium by completing, signing and sending the Registration Form together with the appropriate Fee to the Symposium Secretariat. The booking is confirmed when the appropriate fee has been received. The Secretariat reserves the right to refuse an application for a place at the Symposium. In the event of the booking not being accepted, the Fee will be refunded.

4. Amounts will be invoiced in € Euros or US$ dollars as chosen by the delegate. For method of payment, please refer to the Registration Form and How to Book section in the Symposium Invitation and Information leaflet. Credit card payments can only be accepted in US$(and sterling) amounts. Neither delegates nor accompanying persons will be admitted to any session or social event without prior payment of all monies owing. Accompanying persons will not be admitted to any working sessions of the Symposium.

5. The Agents reserve the right to levy a surcharge in the event of a)the Italian Lire appreciating by more than 2%against the currency of payment (using the rate according to The Financial Times)after 18 June, 2001 and date of payment, and b)any adverse changes in the rate of Italian VAT or local goods and services taxes in Venice, changed through Government legislation. It is hoped that this will not be necessary.

6. Cancellation by the delegate must be made in writing to the Symposium Secretariat at Ipsos-RSL Ltd. Cancellation fees will be charged in accordance with the scale below :

Cancellations in writing by:

Amount of cancellation charge: (shown as %of total amount payable)

6 August, 2001
3 September, 2001
1 October, 2001


In the event that it is necessary for a delegate to cancel 14 days or more prior to the event, it is possible a substitute may attend for which an administration fee of € Euros 60 or US$50 is payable. The Symposium Secretariat must be informed of the name of any substitute who will be subject to all other Conditions of Booking herein.

7. Flight bookings are subject to airline conditions of booking.

8. A valid passport is required for entry into Italy. It is the responsibility of a delegate and accompanying person to check whether a visa is necessary.

9. The Agents are responsible for the prepaid accommodation and associated specified services. All extras, e.g. room services, individual bar bills, telephone charges and other incidental charges, are to be settled directly between the delegate and/or accompanying person and the Westin Excelsior Hotel, Lungomare Marconi 41 or the Hotel des Bains, Lungomare Marconi 17, Venice Lido, Italy or any other hotel booked through them as applicable.

10. Delegates are strongly recommended to take out their own travel insurance.

11. If in the opinion of The Agents, a delegate and/or accompanying person behaves in such a way to cause danger, distress or annoyance to others or damage to property, any conference arrangements may be terminated by The Agents. The Agents cannot be held responsible for any damage, distress, bodily injury or illness caused by or to another person or to property by the wilful act or omission of any other person.

12. The signature of the delegate or his/her duly authorised agent on the Registration Form shall signify the delegate’s acceptance of the above conditions and the same shall bind both parties to this contract.

13. English law shall apply to any claim against The Agents and all proceedings shall be within the exclusive domain of the English Courts.