Prize Winners

Once again, the delegates at the 10th Symposium were asked to vote for the prize-winning papers. Sponsors, Andy Brown from BMRB International and Richard Silman from Ipsos-RSL, presented the prizes to the winners at the Gala Dinner on Friday 26 October, 2001. Congratulations to them all.

Best paper overall

Winner :
Katherine Page

Katherine Page, Ipsos-RSL Ltd (UK)

Best presentation

Winner :
Peter Masson and Peter Callius

Peter Masson, Bucknull & Masson (UK) and Peter Callius, Research International (Sweden)

“Time Related Measures Of Relative ‘Effect’ – An Essential Ingredient To Multi-Media Campaign Evaluation”


Liz McMahon, BMRB International (UK)
“Young At Heart: Understanding The Dynamics Of Youth Readership”

Erwin Ephron, Ephron, Papazian & Ephron (USA)
“Counting Calories – On The Need To Adjust Issue Readership Data”

Best technical paper

Winner :

Roland Soong and Michelle de Montigny, Kantar Media Research (USA)
“The Anatomy Of Data Fusion”

Best newcomer

Winner :
Shinchiro Okauchi

Shinchiro Okauchi, Dentsu Inc. (Japan)

“Synergy Brought About Through Duplication Of Contact With Newspaper And Internet”

Programme chairman’s prize

Winner :
Jay Mattlin

Jay Mattlin, Kowledge Networks and Bruce Goerlich, Starcom MediaVest Group (USA) “Measuring Magazine Reading Via The Internet: Testing The Effect Of Number Of Titles And Other Questionnaire Design Issues”


Roland Soong and Michelle de Montigny, Kantar Media Research (USA)
“The Anatomy Of Data Fusion”

Knut-Arne Futsæter and Tore Østnes, TNS Norsk Gallup (Norway)
“Pure Recent Reading: The Solution For Non-Daily Newspapers?”

Antoine Moreau, IMS (France)
“Measuring The Homogeneity Of Interviewers’ Practices”

David Ernst, Initiative Media (USA)
“An Examination Of Validity And Utility Of Specialized Category Studies – Application Of The Mars Pharmaceutical Study To Enhance Print Planning”

Morten Kromann-Larsen and Rolf Randrup, Taylor Nelson Sofres/Gallup (Denmark)
“Quality Rating Point – The New Currency”