Outline programme

Maximising Print In The Planning Process

Since New Orleans
In the 20 years since the first Symposium in New Orleans, much has changed in the world of publishers, advertisers, agencies and research suppliers. An international panel of experts who have been there will debate the significant issues.
Recent Reading Issues
Recent reading is our predominant method: however, long-identified problems with RR have not gone away. New and flexible publishing ventures pose additional problems. Papers will explain how problems might be over- come. New audience accumulation studies will be shown: how are these results being used?
Niche Audiences
Increasingly publishers and advertisers are targeting specific audiences: do our readership studies deal with these adequately? Papers on opinion leaders, up-market audiences, young people, pharmaceutical markets, customer magazines and newspaper sections are topics which will be presented.
Improving Fieldwork
The importance of obtaining unbiased, high quality samples has been frequently debated at our Symposia, but the problems we face regarding response rates are increasing. We look at improving response rates and at interviewer quality in Europe and North America.
The Digital Landscape
The digital landscape has created new opportunities:papers will show how the print medium will thrive in the digital world, and how print media consumption will change. We look at the internet both as a medium and as a measurement tool.
Data Collection – What’s New?
What can the double-screen CAPI method do to alleviate title load? Also papers on the effects of masthead designs, position effects, design of self-completion questionnaires and on new data collection experiments.
The Planning Process
How do planners use the print medium? Topics covered: are planners subjects to fashion? What calculations estimate the effect of print? The role that prototyping and other estimation techniques play.
Quality And Impact Of Fusion
Fusion is a hot topic in the States. Experts from Europe, USA and elsewhere will show what can be done and how fusion quality can be assessed.
Intermedia Comparisons
How will print be maximised, and how are planners using multi-media tools? The latest developments in Europe and the USA, will examine what is done today and what can and should be done in the future.
Maximising Print
How can advertising effectiveness of our medium print be measured? New studies from the UK, Germany and the USA.
The Quality Of Reading
Various studies aim ‘beyond AIR’. Papers presented in this session will be from the Netherlands, Denmark, UK and USA.
International Developments
The worldwide review of survey practices and recent developments in our industry surveys, and what lessons we can draw.

Outline Programme

October Morning Afternoon Evening
Sunday 21   Registration Welcome Party, The Excelsior Hotel
Monday 22 Working Session Working Session Sponsored Drinks
Tuesday 22 Working Session Working Session Sponsored Drinks
Wednesday 23 Free Day
Thursday 24 Working Session Working Session  
Friday 25 Working Session Working Session Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony

The provisional timetable starts at 9. 00 am on Monday 22 October and the final working session ends at about 5. 30 pm, on Friday 26 October, followed by the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony.